The mystery between UFOs and planes in Belgian skies (video)

The sudden appearance of an unknown UFO in the Belgian skies astounds onlookers as it vanishes into the air after a rapid acceleration.

In what can only be described as a near-miss over Belgium with flying saucers or “disks” and planes in the sky. what is happening in our sky

Flying Disks are not new. Because we have been shooting UFOs like this since the beginning of Ufology.

I’ve known about the Flying Saucer video for quite some time and tried to find as much information as possible about it. And I know it hasn’t been cleared yet!

What’s new, this one is a silver disk and because it looks like it just popped out of nowhere? It came from behind the plane. (airline jet) and cloudless, but then it speeds away from the scene abruptly.

It’s like it’s not even there.

This video is the only reason we know it’s actually a duplicate. UFO sightings like this made Ufology what it is today, and that’s the whole “mystery” because it wasn’t ours. Nobody flew these things. Except in a 1950s B-movie hangar. Although it may be aerodynamically perfect and likely too awesome to fly. Why did humans create such things?

If it can accelerate like it is So it’s the next level of technology that we’re not ready for yet? Can that be the case? Inventing a flying disk with technology that we are not yet ready for?

There is a popular theory that the US government sponsored UFO design and that гeⱱeгše designed the technology from downed UFOs. If they can fly because of their aerodynamic streamlines? Technology is the key, but shape (especially on eагtһ) is the basis of success and talent.

Here are some more details about this UFO sighting from the video description:

This was filmed by Eric Giavedoni and published on UFOvni2012’s YouTube channel. large passenger planes and sailed away at very high speeds. This video was shot with a 300mm lens pointed high above Belgium on April 25, 2014.

UFOvni2012 YouTube Channel

after thinking This UFO sighting has been tested for a long time. It’s not debunked and it stands up to sсгᴜtіпу which is a good thing.

This is extгаoгdіпагу video. which was uploaded to YouTube by the channel UFOvni2012:

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