The minute a python eats a bird on a roof in Australia (Clip)

Video of python eating currawong goes viral online This video from New South Wales, Australia, shows a python hanging from a television antenna along with birds. The python appears to be struggling with its prey in the video. The video was recorded by a witness, Cathy Gall, who came outside to feed her dog.

A New South Wales woman faces a disturbing display of nature on her roof.

Cathy Gall was stunned to see a python wrapped around her TV antenna with a bird hanging from its jaws.

This shocking scene was filmed in Kingscliff. and shows a large snake sticking out of its antenna and trying to drag Currawong toward it.

The snake was filmed trying to drag a bird onto the roof. Photo: Cathy Gall.

It is understood that the birds were caught and killed by pythons. Then struggle to drag the captured bird back onto the roof.

Ms Gall posted the gruesome video to the Kingscliff Happenings Facebook group, captioned, “Never seen before… a python trying to eat a currawong on our antenna.”

She later confirmed that the snake was finally able to pull it into the house.

“Live performances… The python’s determination to catch Currawong,” she wrote.

“Eat happily on our roof. Nature is in front of you.”

It was later snapped around the handle. Photo: Cathy Gall

In an update, Ms Gall shared a picture of a snake wrapped around a bird as it sat on a roof.

She added that they called the snake catcher, who advised her to leave the snake alone and let it take care of its affairs.

The video quickly gained a lot of attention. The audience was stunned by this terrifying scene.

“Blow up the house The only way to fix it,” one person wrote.

“This is human nature!! …What can you do?” said another.

One person added: “Only in Australia.. The snake is out of control.”

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