The man who dared to prank the police seemed to be wrapped in a boa constrictor.

Pranking the police is not only illegal, it’s also incredibly dangerous. However, some individuals still find it amusing to try to pull off a law enforcement officer quickly. in recent event A man who dares to prank the police finds himself in a rather difficult situation. He was entangled by pythons!

In a small suburban town, police received a phone call about a man rioting in a local park. When he arrived at the scene, he found a man who looked drunk and roamed. At first the man cooperated with the police. But suddenly ran away laughing as he did so.

The police chase, but they soon lose sight of the man. They combed the area and eventually found him lying on the floor, seemingly unconscious. when they drew near to him They knew he wasn’t unconscious. but was actually entangled by a python!

The python was apparently kept as a pet by the locals. A disturbing man invaded a resident’s property and decided to prank the police by wrapping himself up in a python. bad luck for him He underestimated the strength of the snake. and it clung to him making him unable to move

Police immediately appealed to the local animal control agency for help. who arrived at the scene and were able to safely remove the python from the man’s body. Fortunately, this man did not suffer any serious injuries. and he was detained for his actions.

In short, pranking the police isn’t just illegal. But it’s also incredibly stupid. It can lead to serious consequences. As shown in this episode where a man finds himself wrapped in a boa constrictor. It is important to respect the authority of law enforcement officials and to refrain from any behavior. that may cause themselves or others to be harmed

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