The jaw-dropping video сарtᴜгe a mysterious flying saucer hovering above

A huge UFO was found floating in the sky above a province in Malaysia.

Witnesses have reported UFOs flying very close to the trees.

The video shows a black ‘UFO’ hovering over a Malaysian village in Kuala Krai district. as well as a large area in ‘Independence Day’ slowly moving across the horizon. The villagers heard a cry of ‘surprise’ as it moved closer.

The unidentified flying object appears to have adjusted its distance from the trees.


People across the country were apprehensive about this event. Thousands of people moved and called for help. They warned Akmu and the police to act. The video, which disappeared in Malaysia It has since been removed by the local police.

You can then view two wit-generated videos. What do you think of the latest UFO? Is it authentic or is it a well executed CGI? Post your comments below.


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