The internet was shocked by the video that went viral. It shows three giant snakes falling from the ceiling in Malaysia (video).

Viral video: 3 giant snakes fall through ceiling in Malaysia  shocked internet

Shocking moment 3 giant snakes slither off the roof of a family’s house in Malaysia.

The stunning moment captures the moment three giant snakes slither off the roof of a Malaysian family’s home. family had called emergency personnel to their home after hearing strange noises in the middle of the night.

The horrific rescue video was initially shared on TikTok by @baju_skoda and later shared on Twitter by @BornAKang. “At that point you have to burn down the house.”

The giant snake slithered through the ceiling into the bedroom.  after the owner hears "strange sound"

The video opens to show a snake catcher using a cane to pull a giant snake from a roof. Another caretaker used a pole to hit the top in an attempt to provoke the snake to come out. A second later, the snake fell from the ceiling but was not alone. shocking everyone Two large snakes were seen hanging from the rest of the ceiling. While the residents of the house screamed in fear. The snake can hang from the wall. with their bodies wrapped around each other

Thrilling moment 3 giant snakes fall through the roof of the house

A longer version of the video shows what happens next. as the snake tries to crawl back into the roof A worker tried to grab a snake’s tail and drag it down. Eventually, the critter was dragged out of the room and down the hallway.

Thrilling moment 3 giant snakes fall through the roof of the house

since being shared The video racked up more than 1 million views, 120k likes, and about 40,000 retweets. The video went viral on social media, leaving people speechless. People expressed shock and fear when they saw the three giant snakes.

One user wrote, “I’m moving that night!! And not coming back!” “This is giving me nightmares!”

The third added, “This will stay in my head rent-free for the rest of my life. And I wish I had the words to describe what my face does when the beat drops because… son… I’m not ready yet. But I don’t think anyone is ready,” said the fourth. “I will leave the entire continent after that.”

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