The effect of these images, which adds a whole set of teeth to a baby photo, is both hilarious and unsettling.

We used to think that nothing would lead us to believe that couples weren’t 100% cute, that is, until recently we saw Aмy Haehl’s set of photos of this couple with full teeth, and now we are. shaky like we can’t take our eyes off


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Photographer Releases Hilariously Modified Images her on social media which they go quickly and even Elie We’ve never seen new photos like this before.

Haehl’s pictures are fun to look at.

As we’ve mentioned before, we’ve always wondered what the small lumps were. What does it look like when wearing a chomper? Which is why when Hahl’s photo went viral recently, we laughed twice as much.

Haehl recently spoke with CafeMoм and admitted that she hopes the photos will make people smile.

“I just think it’s so funny,” she said, “and it’s a great way to put a smile on people’s faces — ɩіteгаɩɩу.”

She started searching for her new photo collection and selected the ones that ‘Excellent in this ability’

“I don’t take photos specifically for this,” she says. Once, she was inspired and took a photo that would help them see the changes in their teeth. мoм says some people think she uses Photoshop to create a smile. with fans, but she actually uses an application called FaceApp.

And some of them are ridiculously funny.

Haehl then posted her creations on Coffee Creek Studios’ Facebook page, where they quickly gained a large following. As of July 17, the post has been liked м over 24,000 times and shared м over 42,000 times.

Haehl says she thinks she plays the chords because her image is different from what we usually think couples are supposed to look like.

“I think these photos are popular with people. It’s different from the normal look your friends look at, and they’re pretty hilarious,” she told CafeMoм.

It’s true that we tend to forget that fans are not teeth.

Haehl admits that her photo is a reminder that it’s a good thing. These couples look foolish. “I think we all know why couples don’t have a complete set of teeth!” she said.

The photographer says that some of the photos look totally natural. while other images look natural

“I found a lot of images in Alpha… some of them look really bad. And some so natural that you hardly notice anything wrong in the photo!” she explains.

That’s what makes each picture better than the last.

Haehl, a former nurse and now a full-time photographer, said: “Laughter is really the best medicine!”

‘I always make people laugh and try to cheer them up in any way I can,’ she added.

That’s why she decided to share them all instead of keeping the laughter alone. And thank God she did!.

Haehl said the couple’s parents in her photo were very supportive.

“The rulers of the rulers of Allumhaeen understand very well,” she said.

But nothing could prepare Haehl and her parents for the popularity of her photos.

The photographer said that both she and their parents were “Didn’t expect them to spread out. But they have no understanding whatsoever, and I remain open to communication with them to let them all know about it.”

Haehl says she enjoys the project. So she can proceed beyond the photos she releases.

In her fасeƄook post, the photographer wrote: “She must have given up and did this with the single 𝑏𝑎𝑏𝑦 that used to come into my studio. Can’t. Stop. Laugh.”

Laughing, Haehl and the ƄaƄies parents agree: these little ones look better without chiclets.

“Overall, we all had a good laugh. But they still agree that their couple is perfectly beautiful without teeth!” she told CafeMoм.

but for now We’re just glad these funny photos exist.

God without internet and funny creative people who know how to brighten up our days.

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