The dog stood on the grave and begged his father to come again.

The uncompromising dog waited right here for weeks for his father to come again.

in the last 2 weeks A stray dog ​​named Buboy sits outside the representative office and workplace of the Mabalacat City Faculty in Pampanga, Philippines. Dogs scratch at the door hoping their favorite person will show up and feed him, or scratch behind their ears.

The sight of a hopeful dog is tearing the hearts of workers and school children, as they know his father will never return.

Professor Carmelito Marcelo, who had cared for the idea for the past four years, died on Saturday of a stroke at the Institute of Medicine within weeks.

According to Marcelo’s colleague Kristina Demafelix, this dog follows the Professor around. Buboy will meet the Professor at the door every morning and follow him from beauty to beauty. They eat lunch together throughout the school’s facilities. And the dog will see the trainer out the door at the end of the day. Marcelo will jump on his dog, even though he’s technically not. Demafelix posted on Facebook, “[He] Treat you as family.” “When he doesn’t have technique. Young Master will come to the middle school to try you and feed you.”

When an Institute of Medicine professor, Dema Felix, notices a dog roaming around his office during prime time, however, while Buboy waits, Demafelix decides to help the anxious creature find a way out.

Demafelix commented on Facebook, “You can’t say all the pain. because you don’t know what’s going on.” He didn’t come to high school. On the other hand, you could be in a position outside of school. [room] where you may always be with him And in His presence all the time,” Demafelix gave Buboy to Marcelo on Tuesday. To help this dog say goodbye to his best friend.

Booboy pays respects His gaze was fixed on his comrade across the coffin. However, when it was time to leave, The dog refused to give in. Demafelix wrote online, “Now Buboy doesn’t need to cross Sir Marcelo’s coffin.” The Professor is now gone. Participants of the agents and workers are gathering to strike a collective agreement with Buboy. “Everyone at school is worried about Buboy,” Demafelix posted on Facebook, “and the school has turned into his room.”

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