The dog died at his owner’s last wedding.

A dog named Charlie has been by Kelly O’Connell’s side for the past 15 years, helping her in every aspect of her life. Of course, this dying pup won’t miss Kelly’s wedding, one of the best in life.

No one expected Charlie to survive long enough to attend Kelly’s wedding in Colorado, USA, before it happened. An elderly dog ​​was found to have a debilitating brain tumor.

Kelly, 19 and living in New York, adopted Charlie when he was just a puppy. In the cold winter Charlie was found in a shopping cart.

Although she didn’t specifically want to adopt a dog. But she knew she had to bring Charlie into her family as soon as she saw him at the shelter. Kelly remarked, “It’s like, yeah, it’s mine.

When the big day finally arrived Charlie didn’t last long and was too exhausted to move. But Kelly’s sister, who was a bridesmaid Volunteer to carry him down the aisle instead of leaving him behind.

Because photographers know how important it is to have an old friend by Kelly’s side. So she was able to capture this lovely moment.

Wedding photographer Jen Dziuvenis posted on Facebook:

“There isn’t enough mascara in the world for these occasions. The best thing is the dog.

There’s no doubt that Charlie’s presence means the world to his human mother.

“It’s just a dog lover who lets a sick family member take care of you the same way you care.” Charlie, here you are, she said throughout the ceremony. You made it.

Keely says she’s very happy that Charlie can live. to witness the most important day of her life. Here’s how Charlie expressed his love for her over 15 years. “I’m in tears because of this. Charlie is so loved, so wonderful, and dogs are man’s best friend,” said the cheerful Kelly.

Due to his weakness, Charlie was unable to walk on his own. Kelly’s sister, bridesmaids, carried Charlie to the wedding out of everyone’s emotions and the tears of the beautiful bride Kelly.

a week later Charlie passed away peacefully in sorrow for Kelly, family and friends.

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