The dog cries when he learns he is about to die.

Dogs shed tears when they knew their lives were coming to an end. Fortunately, the hero arrived just in time to save it from death.

In the past, about 10,000 dogs were infected with ɡɪᴇ̂́т in Asia, although in recent years That number will drop to 1,000. However, in Western countries where dogs are considered man’s best friend To see a dog trapped in a cage waiting until the last moment and seeing a plate of food is unforgivable.

Puppies cry because they have to be patient. But part of the joy was to know that it was saved.

He was locked in a filthy cage with 50 other dogs of the same kind. They all shared a common destiny: the first meat and a quarter of their meat that humans could eat.

This follows a complaint by volunteers from the Humane Society International. who went to a slaughterhouse located in Yongin City South Korea to intervene

The mission to get Robin out of this unwanted place is coordinated by other local animal rights groups. Despite the many restrictions imposed by the law Many traders continue to do this evil in order to make a profit.

You can witness the help of old dogs through interesting videos. In addition to sitting behind bars He also only drank a few drops of water or a small amount of food.

This dog has broken the hearts of many because of the evil he endured.

when taking the dog out The rescuers saw his tears were overwhelmed. surrender to his fate Or perhaps he shed tears of joy at the rescue of these animal-loving humans.

“When we took it out, Robin cried. I don’t know if he was happy or happy. But his eyes were wet,” said a member of the Humane Society International.

The surest thing is if immediate action is not taken. These animals could be sacrificed.

They show us the story through posts uploaded to their social media. Which comes with a lot of positive reviews.

“Robin’s tears touched all of us,” Jitsa said.

Another 50 dogs were also rescued. All of which are in very good condition. Unfortunately, older dogs were not so lucky.

after the rescue They are transferred to the animal hospital, where they begin treatment to restore the dog’s physical and mental health. Looking forward to a home that will treat them with the love and respect they deserve.

“Ultimately, we look for the ideal home for each dog that will make them happy.”

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