The buffalo pulls troops to attack Liops to save the baby elephant –

When you see a lion attacking a baby elephant The buffalo quickly gathered together and attacked the predator. Make them run away and help baby elephant escape amazingly.

during the dam tour Klopperfontein In Kruger National Park in South Africa, Jill Mathew captures the moment a herd of buffalo attacks a lion to rescue a baby elephant.

Before that, the lion hid in the bushes near the dying lake.

Meanwhile, the elephants gathered at the bottom of the lake to bathe in the mud and to get water to drink.

After a few minutes of observation Without the protection of the mother elephant, the lion targets a calf.

With a large number and outstanding strength. The lion then catches the elephant easily.

However, when they are unable to kill their p.rey, the lion is in big trouble.

Especially when a lion attacked a baby elephant, a herd of buffaloes rushed to the rescue.

Before the herd of buffalo can attack fiercely, the lion must run away.

Thus creating an opportunity for the baby elephant to gracefully escape death.

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