“The alien vs. human fight in 1978 was real,” said a former Area 51 employee.

The horrifying statement was recently made by Thomas Castello, who used to work for Area 51.

According to him, in 1978 there was a terrible battle between aliens and humans. But fortunately, this horrific event is limited to areas where humans are conducting experiments with aliens.

Castello stated that he was a photographer hired by the US Army at the time. when he was hired He needed to sign a confidentiality agreement.

in his report He explains that there is a secret underground base for experiments. various tests Many people, including children, sought treatment for their ailments.

We find out in recent revelations from declassified documents. The methods practiced in underground bases are star travel and mind control.

But the most shocking part of this tale is the claim that some of the researchers working at the underground base are not human. they are aliens

There have been many human trials. And between the volunteers there are also aliens abducted.

Alien researchers want to develop the perfect human-alien hybrid. and cloning aliens and humans

A former Castello employee said he knew the people were the kidnappers and remembered their faces because he had seen posters about their disappearances across the city.

A conflict between aliens and humans arises when the aliens want to continue their genetic experiments on humans indefinitely.

The aliens constantly want to kidnap large numbers of people for these experiments.

It wasn’t long after Castello revealed this information. he disappeared And whether he will live or not, no one knows.

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