Thank God! This woman gave birth while bathing in the Red Sea with her umbilical cord still in the sea.

ⱱігаɩ Touching birth footage in the Red Sea shows a family bathing a day-old baby with its umbilical cord still attached in Egyptian waters for health reasons.

The father concluded that the photo purportedly showed a Russian woman giving birth in the Egyptian Red Sea. It was actually a picture of a baby bathing in water several days after birth.

because it has health benefits The Serbian mother and father of a Russian baby chose to wash the baby in water with the umbilical cord and placenta still connected.

Viewers in the resort town of Dahab saw a father carrying his day-old daughter out of the ocean with a Russian doctor helping her.

Mother follows closely behind before the family is reunited on the beach in a touching scene.

She showed no signs of excitement, joy, or even раіп, as she calmly dried herself off with a towel and watched the doctor treat her newborn.

The doctor is a well-known specialist in Russian water birth. Mother chooses a place for giving birth. But everything happened inside the house before the photo was taken.

The image was published in October 2014, but it was uploaded for the first time this week. which those images go quickly


Babies were carried from the Red Sea. with the umbilical cord and the placenta in a plastic bowl A child waiting on the shore, presumably a new froth’s sibling. Then the family seemed to indulge in a beautiful moment as they took their own pictures.

Then, as soon as the mother gave birth to her child in the middle of the sea They all left the beach with the baby in the doctor’s arms.

Still, it might not be recommended. But the mother and her baby looked happy and healthy after their birthing experience. We’re sure this one was just as surprising an experience. with to gain experience

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