Surfshark vs ProtonVPN- Everything You Need to be Clear 2023

Surfshark vs ProtonVPN

Surfshark vs ProtonVPN- Everything You Need to be Clear 2023


In the world of VPNs, Surfshark and ProtonVPN are two popular names. While both offer secure and private internet browsing, they differ in terms of their features and pricing. In this article, we’ll compare Surfshark vs ProtonVPN and help you decide which one is the right choice for you.


When it comes to pricing, Surfshark is more affordable than ProtonVPN. Surfshark’s monthly plan costs $12.95 per month, while its annual plan costs $71.88 per year (or $5.99 per month). On the other hand, ProtonVPN’s monthly plan costs $10 per month, while its annual plan costs $96 per year (or $8 per month). ProtonVPN also offers a free plan, which provides access to servers in three countries, but it comes with a data limit of 500MB per month.

Servers and Locations

Surfshark operates more than 3200 servers in 65 countries, while ProtonVPN has servers in 63 countries. While both VPNs have a good number of servers, Surfshark has a slightly larger network. Additionally, Surfshark allows users to connect an unlimited number of devices simultaneously, while ProtonVPN limits the number of devices to five per account.


When it comes to security, both Surfshark and ProtonVPN offer top-notch protection. Surfshark uses AES-256 encryption, which is considered the gold standard in encryption. It also supports multiple protocols, including OpenVPN and IKEv2. Additionally, Surfshark has a no-logs policy, which means it doesn’t keep any records of users’ online activities.

ProtonVPN, on the other hand, uses AES-256 encryption and supports OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols. It also has a no-logs policy, which ensures that users’ online activities are not recorded.


Privacy is a key concern for VPN users, and both Surfshark and ProtonVPN take users’ privacy seriously. Surfshark is based in the British Virgin Islands, which is a privacy-friendly jurisdiction. The country has no data retention laws, which means Surfshark is not required to keep any user data. Additionally, Surfshark offers a MultiHop feature, which routes traffic through multiple servers to ensure maximum privacy.

ProtonVPN is based in Switzerland, which is also known for its privacy-friendly laws. Switzerland has strict data protection laws, and ProtonVPN is bound by these laws. ProtonVPN also offers a Secure Core feature, which routes traffic through multiple servers in different countries to protect against network-based attacks.

Ease of Use

Both Surfshark and ProtonVPN are easy to use, but Surfshark has a more user-friendly interface. Surfshark’s app is intuitive and easy to navigate, and it’s available for a wide range of devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. ProtonVPN’s app is also easy to use, but it’s not as visually appealing as Surfshark’s app. Additionally, ProtonVPN has a command-line interface for Linux users, which may not be ideal for beginners.

Customer Support

Surfshark and ProtonVPN both offer excellent customer support. Surfshark has a 24/7 live chat feature, which allows users to get help quickly. It also has an extensive knowledge base, which includes FAQs, setup guides, and troubleshooting tips. ProtonVPN also offers 24/7 customer support via email, and its website includes a knowledge base and a community forum.


In conclusion, both Surfshark and ProtonVPN offer excellent security and privacy features. However, Surfshark is more affordable and has a larger network of servers. It

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