Super cute video of elephants having fun on the beach (video)

I am saddened that there is only one elephant I have ever seen in a cage, either at the zoo or at the circus. I would like to see one in my natural habitat someday.

They are truly incredible creatures. In fact, they are among the smartest in the world. Elephants have the ability to perform asic arithmetic. He is known for his love for painting and music. And they are good at calculating and calculating too. A captive elephant named Bundoola at Marine World Africa has no idea how to get his handcuffs off. And she always tries to break her chains so she can free her friends too.

Elephants play too. Scientists have concluded that some elephants love to “laugh” at each other and have been known to prank each other. A popular elephant prank involves drinking from the trunk until a friend agrees. The elephant then sprays water at his friends for the enjoyment of others.

That’s why I wanted to play with some elephants in their natural habitat. And Scottish photographer John Lindie was fortunate enough to seize the opportunity during a trip to Phuket, Thailand.

I wish he could take more eʋen мore pictures. Because these guys are so funny and cute Ƅut мayƄe I will go to Thailand by myself. I could see an elephant like this myself.

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