Strange Stone Circle Found in Turkey Witnesses UFO Community (Watch Clip)

I also found a video on the UFO Mania YouTube channel that asks viewers for their opinion by asking, “What exactly is this? Where is this strange building located?

I have investigated and discovered the following:

Located in Turkey’s Mersin Province, this Stone Circle is a perfect geometric shape either naturally developed or was previously carved.

This extraction is interesting because it mimics the first pictogram discovered in English fields in the 1990s: two circles connected by a central stripe.

It is nearing the end of the 30-year cycle and Saturn’s turning point. which indicates the time of harvest All of this tells me that Crop Circle’s 2020 season is about to begin. Also, the 1990 English pictograms are likened to this stone carving.

according to one user This stone circle could be “Symbol of the Earth, the Moon and the Flow of Energy”

Additional user claims:

“I’ve seen it, been there, and it feels great!”

How do you feel about stone circles? What could that mean? Check out the video below.

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