Strange sea creatures wash up on Sydney beach Local people are like “Aliens”

A strange-looking sea creature has been described as an ‘alien’ by locals after it washes aground on Sydney beach. Its eyes are tube-shaped. which are commonly found in deep-sea animals It consists of several layers of the retina and A large lens that allows maximum amount of light to be detected in one direction. “Does anyone know what this is? Have seen many of these washed up this week,” the Sutherland Shire posted on Facebook, and she wasn’t the only one who was intrigued.

A surfer sees a creature on a Sydney beach and wonders what it is.Source:Facebook

Another villager claimed to have seen them walking their dogs along the sand at Cronulla’s Darook Beach.

“They’re everywhere,” she said. “I was wondering what it was.”

Mysterious Creature Described as: ‘Sydney’s Local Species’

Many people were baffled by this slug-like creature. which some people like However, Yahoo News Australia can confirm that is not the case.

Harry Masfield, an aquarist at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, said the animal was a sea rabbit. They are also called sea slugs, he said.

Harry Masfield, an aquarist at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, said the animal was a sea rabbit. (similar to the picture), also known as nudibranchs

“This guy doesn’t look very happy. The climate is likely to change,” he said, noting recent weather swings in Sydney. This may cause the living conditions to change.

Sea hares are usually dark purple or green in color. and can grow to the size of a soccer ball They emitted a purple dye. similar to the color of an octopus And can be very dangerous to pets.

Marine animals have a one-year life cycle, according to Dr Lisa Kerndale, Head of Aquatic Zoology at the Western Australian Museum. It was washed up on the shore by waves.

Another woman said she saw them when she took her dog for a walk on the sand at Darook Beach in Cronulla.Source: Sutherland Shire Council

Laetitia Hannan, an aquarist at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, said there are many species of sea rabbits. But the rabbit is probably Aplysia sydneyensis, a species native to Sydney.

“We have these men in the basins for people to look at and feel they are very interesting to touch,” she said.

“They are disguised as rocks to keep them safe from other animals that eat them.”

meanwhile Black rabbits are commonly seen off the west coast of Australia. And every March, hundreds of them stranded on the beach.

Warning dog owners about sea rabbits or nudibranchs. which can be very toxic to dogs Source: Facebook

Warning for dog owners

Some Facebook commenters correctly identified the photo as a sea rabbit. But warn dog owners to “be careful” because the animals are poisonous.

Macquarie University Professor Coolum Brown said sea rabbits were poisoned by the algae they ate.

“They are only dangerous if you eat them. And even only sometimes,” he told Yahoo News Australia.

“People don’t munch on them. But sometimes dogs may try if they find themselves stranded on the beach. If each rabbit eats some type of algae. can cause harm to dogs.”

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