Strange moment when 3 planes chase a UFO in the sky (VIDEO)

On Google Maps, members of the famous YouTube channel “UFOmania” dealing with urological incidents made an amazing discovery. Two planes fly close to a UFO while viewing aerial photographs from Antarctica. The unidentified flying object appears to be small and disk-like. As usual for these items It will create a shadow below. The urologist reiterates that this is not a block made of ice.

We still don’t know what this item is for. Or why are the two planes chasing it? Because a UFO was sighted near a station in Italy. So it’s possible that an employee noticed something unusual in the sky and chose to pursue him. Many scholars and ufologists believe that the plane belonging to The “gray man” is constantly pursued by flying. Similar events have occurred in China, Russia and the United States.

What is the real reason for this? Why have there been so many UFO sightings in the last two or three years? 74°41’28.0″S 164°08’22.0″E is the coordinate.

Watch the video below for more information. And don’t forget to let us know what you think.


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