Story of Hamzah Khan Nasheed Artist from London

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Story of Hamzah Khan Nasheed Artist from London


Hamzah Khan Is A 23 year old faith inspired singer. Born and bread in Luton United Kingdom. Hamzah first began reciting Nasheeds/Naats (Faith Inspired Poems/Songs) at the Age Of 6. HAMZAH family originally from Azad Kashmir who were very encouraging of his talent and actively helping him pursue his career in the arts. The Hamzah went from reciting in mosques and small gathering in Luton to now performing internationally.

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Once Hamzah began further education at the university of Bedfordshire. his career excelled with in a fast paced environment and juggling studying towards a Undergraduate degree in business information systems with working part time and recording his singles in the studio.

Hamzah gained popularity very quickly with a very mixed and growing fan base with people of all ages. With the help of family and a growing fan base Hamzah has gone on to release many more singles and YouTube releases which have already hit over 2 million views.


Hamzah has also furthered his brand by releasing a clothing line under the name of Hamzah Khan London. Selling premium quality asian couture!


Hamzah Graduated from the university of Bedfordshire in 2020 & since has become a world performing artist and influencer embarking on his first international tour of Pakistan in January 2020.


Since the early doors of his career Hamzah has also been a keen humanitarian worker across the globe , giving back to the communities who have helped shaped his career.

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