Social Media Marketing Complete information- What is SMM 2020

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Social Media Marketing Complete information- What is SMM 2021


Social Media Marketing Complete information 2021- You must know about Digital marketing or Online Marketing, if you don’t know, I have already written about it in a detailed post. .

Now a days almost every man uses social media keeping this in mind the importance of SMM has increased to a great extent, in this post I will tell you what (SMM) Social Media Marketing is and how to do it.


Social Media Marketing Complete information

SMM is a short form of Social Media Marketing. If you are a blogger or you have an online business, then SMM is very important for you. With this you can promote your blog / website traffic or sell your product on social media.

SMM is free and also paid, in free you promote your product or blog in facebook group or your facebook page and in paid you can advertise your brand by paying facebook, thousands or even millions on social media all the time. People stay active, now a days almost every person wastes or spends some time on social media.


If you promote your blog on social media, it can get you a lot of traffic. Similarly, social media is the best platform to promote your products. Define Social Media Marketing in Simple Word, then use Social Media like Facebook Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. But promoting your business or website is called Social Media Marketing.


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How to do Social Media Marketing?

first of all you have to have a good knowledge of online marketing, now it is to see whether you want to market your blog or promote your products. If you want to promote the blog then most Be sure to add the social media share button to your blog first so that other people can also share your posts on their social account.

Example: If a visitor likes your post and wants to promote it on their social media account, they can easily share your post by clicking on the social share button, this way you as well as other people will SMM your blog. Apart from this you have to manually share your blog on social media.


If you want to market your products, first create related pages of your products, then do content marketing of your product, that is, design a good image of your product or create a video, now put it on your page first. Upload and then join some groups related to that product and you have uploaded your product image or video on your page. Keep sharing them in groups, if you can afford it then spend some money to promote your facebook page. You can get many likes in one day.


I hope you liked this post and now you know what SMM is and how to do it, if there is any question, comment, if you like this post, share it on Thanks


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