Snake found through human ear in China –

In the news recently, a man from China made headlines about a strange snake-related incident. The man was immediately taken to the hospital. The back of the snake entered the ear and got stuck inside.

This unexpected event shocked the doctors and the man was in a state of panic.

It happened in Shenzhen, China. According to reports, the man was asleep when the snake entered his ear canal.

The man woke up in excruciating pain and felt something move within his ears. He immediately rushed to see a doctor. And doctors can identify snakes using an endoscope.

The snake was identified as a Chinese striped-necked turtle. which is a common species found in southern China It is believed that the turtle entered the man’s ear in search of a warm and dark resting place.

Doctors had to quickly remove the turtle from the man’s ear. Using a combination of numbing agents and tools to hold the turtle in place. The medic was then able to remove the turtle from the man’s ear without inflicting further damage.

This incident left many people wondering how such an event happened. experts say It is not uncommon for small animals including insects and reptiles It enters human nasal passages such as the ears and nose to seek shelter. However, this is very rare and should not cause undue concern.

All in all, a snake entering a man’s ear in China is a rare occurrence and shocked many. Although it may seem strange But it is not uncommon for small animals to find shelter in the human mouth. The man was lucky to get quick medical care. And doctors were able to remove the turtle without causing any further harm. But you should always see a doctor if you have any abnormal symptoms.

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