Smart train workers honored as heroes after rescuing a dog from a train track

It is always inspiring to see people doing their best to save animals. Every day people step up to be heroes and save lives.

not long ago A train station worker rescued a dog stranded on the tracks as the train approached.

The story comes from TikTok user @getinthebarth. who couldn’t help sharing a video showing a dog walking around on the tracks of Leagrave train station. with a train on the way The dog was unable to stand up on his own. And the bystanders could not help it.

But fortunately, the dog is now safe. Thanks to one of the employees who stepped in to save lives.

According to Newsweek, the man is 56-year-old Paul Hawthorn from Luton in southeast England. which is a railway employee who stepped in to help

He told the shop he was in the booking hall when someone told him a Stafordshire Bull Terrier was on the track.

“I thought, ‘What should I do?’ Then my training started. I called the signalman to warn the train. Keep the train slow and ready to stop if necessary,” he told Newsweek.

Fortunately, he quickly came up with a plan: lure the dogs with food. He went to the station’s coffee shop and bought a croissant. Lure the dog to the edge of the platform. which he can lift the dog up

While TikTok users imply that the dog was abandoned It said that many owners left their pets at the train station, according to Newsweek, the dog fled the house after leaving the garage door open.

Hawthorn called it He was “cute dog” and locked up in the station’s messy room until he was reunited with his owner.

The video has now been viewed over 5.6 million times on TikTok and Hawthorn has been praised for his brave actions.

“For every wicked person there are kind people,” the uploader wrote.[Heroes] as if this man existed.”

what a hero We’re glad this dog is safe and well back home. Thank you Paul Hawthorn for saving this dog from being hit by a train!

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A man takes his seriously ill dog on his last hike in a wheelbarrow.

When pets get older Getting around will be more difficult. Advancing age and illness can make it harder for older dogs to move around.

But it’s also when you want to make your pet’s day more special. knowing that they might not have much time left You want them to see the world and make memories with them. And some owners find special ways to help their old dogs get around.

Like a man who finds a unique way to take his dying dog on an unforgettable final trip.

Carlos Fresco goes everywhere with his 10-year-old Labrador Doodle, Monty. The dog will accompany him on countless hikes and walks. But after Monty was diagnosed with leukemia. he knew that the days of the dogs had arrived.

“I knew Monty was going to die when his cancer came back,” Carlos told SWNS. “He was diagnosed 18 months ago and has responded very well to chemotherapy. Unfortunately, his leukemia returned eight weeks ago. and he fell very rapidly.”

But Carlos still wants an epic adventure with Monty. By taking him to their favorite hiking spot, Pen y Fan, in the Brecon Beacons, Wales.

Monty, though, is no stranger to hiking. But his declining health made it harder to get around. Carlos was worried that his dog might not make it to the top.

So he improvised. He helped his friend climb the mountain…in a wheelbarrow!

They climbed the hill together. The wheelbarrow has attracted the attention of many fellow hikers. Carlos said that many people “cryed” and showed sympathy when they learned of Monti’s situation. even offered to help push him up the hill.

“That little boy touched so many lives,” Carlos told SWNS, “bringing a smile to everyone who touched him. And take a moment to reflect on how sometimes life isn’t that bad.”

He also said that Monty liked the chaos and the care of his adventures.

It proved to be the dog’s final journey: Monty died on June 21.

Despite the undoubted grief of the loss of the dog, Carlos is grateful for the last unforgettable trip they had together. And thanks to everyone who followed his story for their sympathy.

“He really is a special kid. God bless you and good night little one.”

Rest in peace Monty, we’re glad you had your last adventure with your beloved owners.

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