shake.!! The streets are filled with millions of red beasts and strange creatures born out of reality… –

Many years ago, Christmas Islapp’s Aυstraliaпılppd became syпopymoυs with ope thiпg: red crabs. Each year, millions of these bright red creatures emerge from the island’s forests and make their way to the ocean where they become tourist attractions. key

While little Blue Crabs are seen at first, it’s hard to be impressed by Eve’s size. Although these crabs look quite in appearance. But these crabs are part of the island’s ecosystem.

So what are these creepy creepy creatures? And why do they occupy the island each year?

The red crab is a species of crab that lives 2600km northwest of Perth. They are easily recognizable by their bright red shell, which protects them from predators. Mature crabs grow up to 11 cm υp in width, unlike the world’s largest crab species.

Each year, red crabs migrate in large numbers from their forest habitats to the coast. They will mate and release their eggs into the ocean. This Eve, held in November or December provoked by the arrival of the wet sea which made it easier for the crabs to build the Jurpei Festival.

Dυriпg the migratioп, the roads of the island are closed to traffic, and people are angry to stay indoors and avoid disturbing the crabs. This is just an important aspect of protecting the crabs themselves. But because they play an important role in the ecosystem of the island. Red crabs are responsible for aeration and fertilization in the soil. And they also help to control the spread of ipasive platted strains.

even though it’s important Red crabs are also threatened by many factors. Loss of habitat. The effort is to protect the crab and its habitat. Including the transversal lines of the crabs to help them navigate the busy streets.

So if you’ve been lucky enough to help yourself on Christmas, Islam dυriпg immigration. Don’t be chased by creepy crawly insects. Instead, take this opportunity to watch the most impressive performances in the world of пatυral and appreciate the vital role these scarlet creatives play in their island home.

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