Sad baby monkey sheds tears after being held by mother

ERODE: A baby monkey who lost its mother in a road accident made everyone who witnessed it cry. A young monkey sits crying near the remains of its mother that was hit by a speeding car near Elanthur on the Tamil Nadu-Karnataka National Highway on Friday.
“Losing a loved one is not only painful for humans. The animals were sad too. We saw a young monkey weeping over the remains of its mother,” said Kalayanamit, an eyewitness.

Video: Baby Monkey Crying Because Dead Mother Will Break Your Heart
A baby monkey sees its mother being hit by a car while crossing the street. He ran to find his mother lying on the road. Baby monkey tries to wake up mom and hug her It pressed its ear to her chest as if checking her heartbeat. Soon it was learned that the mother was dead. it starts to cry
Police officers with knowledge of the incident arrived at the scene. They can keep baby monkeys from carcasses. The villagers carried the body to bury it in the ground G Sathyanarayanan Another villager said “The baby monkey jumps from tree to tree. and follow me when I carry carcasses.”

The villagers performed the final handover ceremony for the mother monkeys in front of the police and forestry officials. while the baby monkey watched from a distance

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