protect the owner A dog was seriously injured in a mountain lion attack.

Recently, a mountain lion unexpectedly attacked a home in California, US. The family’s pet dog sacrificed his life to confront the lion to protect his owner. Even if that’s not the case. This caused him injuries all over his body. But in the end he came back strong again. The dog’s heroic deed touched the hearts of many.

protect the owner  Dog Severely Injured in Mountain Lion Attack - Juligal

Engineer and designer Mary Padres (43) never thought that her pet dog Rocky would do without hesitation. She said that Rocky was “very gentle,” “very sweet and gentle.”

Mary, who lives in La Verne, told The Epoch Times, “When I opened the door to the backyard, I saw a very large mountain lion staring at me. It is ready to hunt the dogs in my house.”

Mary opened a dog shelter. At first she is attracted by the mischievousness of the dog Rocky. So she adopted him. Rocky now uses this method to pay his gratitude for saving his master’s life.

“He was just thinking about how to protect me,” Mary said. His instincts for trying to help me allowed him to do it. It was unbelievable.”

“The situation is terrifying. He was chasing a mountain lion.” Both Rocky and the mountain lion quickly disappeared into the night.

protect the owner  Dog Severely Injured in Mountain Lion Attack - Juligal

Concerned about whether Rocky was okay or not, Mary and her relatives set out to find him in the middle of the night, calling his name along the way. Suddenly they heard barking, but it quickly disappeared.

“At that time we were very scared. We knew for sure that something was wrong,” said Mary.

They put their flashlights on Rocky in the hillside. After calling for half an hour Suddenly, they heard faint footsteps running towards them.

“We were pretty scared and didn’t know where the footsteps came from. But eventually we realized that was Rocky. It almost rushed towards us. and fell weakly on our heads.”

Luckily, this morning, Mary’s family took the dog to the veterinary hospital for treatment. At that time, his wounds were still bleeding. His breathing was extremely weak.

According to Mary, the dog’s head and neck had very large bite marks. It is possible that a mountain lion may have bit off its head and dragged it away.

protect the owner  Dog Severely Injured in Mountain Lion Attack - Juligal

At that time, veterinarians had had at least 30 stitches on Rocky’s wounds. He was back to full health after three weeks, but was still a little shy when he went to the backyard.

Ms. Mary expresses her surprise and gratitude for this faithful dog’s brave actions. residential area Ms. Mary wants to warn her neighbors of the impending danger. Ask them to keep an eye on children and family pets.

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