How to prevent smartphone from hanging? Complete information

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How to prevent smartphone from hanging? Complete information


If you have a smartphone, then at some point you may have faced the smartphone hang problem. You may have noticed that your phone is slowing down the touch response while walking or it is not responding by hanging then you either remove the battery of the smartphone and turn it on again or wait for the response of the phone to fix the smartphone Do. But still Smartphone Hang Problem is not fixed. In this post we will learn about how to solve phone hang

Why does the phone hang?

There can be many reasons for a smart phone to hang, but let’s discuss the main reason. If you have used heavy app in the phone then your phone may hang. Even if you have used heavy game in the phone, your phone response may be slow or the phone may hang.

Your phone may hang even if you did not log out of the app correctly after using the app on the phone. This problem can occur in almost all phones, whether smartphones are new or old. Sometimes the phone response slows down even after the phone memory is empty, especially when you swipe the phone, you start seeing a leg, even if you touch the screen of the phone, you do not get a good response. Response time increases which makes you not feel good even when using the phone. After this you delete the memory or app of the phone, but still the hang problem cannot be fixed properly. Let me tell you that the Smartphone is connected to the Hang Problem Based UIE i.e. user interface.

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How to Solve SmartPhone Hang Problem

· In order to fix the Smartphone hang problem, you have to make some changes in the Stock Feature of the Smartphone i.e. the Features that are inbuilt in the phone or the feature or app that comes with the phone. Android phones have the option of Animation Scale, in addition to some Animation length, Animation Duration Scale, and Transition Animation Scale type options. By changing these, the home leg in the phone can be stopped. You must turn on Developer Access before turning on this feature

Develop You will not find the Developer option easily in Fone. Because this option is hidden in the phone. Before turning on this option, you have to go to the setting of the phone. Here you will find the About Phone option. After clicking on About Option, you will get the option of Build Number, it is slightly below. But in some phones this option is inside more option by going to Software information

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· You have to click on Build option 7 times. After clicking 7 times, a message will show on your phone that you are now a Developer and the Developer Option will appear.


You will find this option in the Settings above About Fone. In some phones this option is also given in More Setting


· Now you can change the Animation Scale to end the leg, Slow Response happening in your phone. For this, first you have to go to settings and click on Developer option. In this section you will find a lot of options. You have to scroll a little

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On scrolling you will get the option of Animation Duration Scale. You have to click on this option. In it you will find window animation scale, Transition Animation Scale, Animation Duration Scale

Go to all the three options and either reduce the screen animation or turn it off. With this the leg related problem in the phone will be solved


If you still think that the phone still has Slow Response problem then you should restart the phone. After this you will feel for yourself that your android phone is already quite fast and the swipe will be better than before, also the touch screen response will be much better.


By following this post, you will be able to solve the hang problem of your smartphone 100%. How did you like this information on the solution of smartphone hang? You can have an idea in the comment. If you got to learn something new by posting this post, please share this post as much as possible and give your friend a chance to read it.

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