Pregnant stray mother dog lay motionless in a small ditch.

Its food-losing heads disappear quickly and pass quickly because they have oply oпe stoмach iп comммoп, so пo мatter…

On November 1, 2022, a couple bought an old house and found Valentim trapped in it. It looked like he had been locked up in that house for a week. In a state of starvation that the bones want to pierce the skin Today, Valentine will sleep warm and walk around. […]

He reached out to us and accepted the food with great gratitude. I just got a call from a watchmaker in the parking lot. He wanted me to help a paralyzed dog with a broken back leg and a broken spine. This poor dog has been wandering here for almost 2 months. Recently his illness has worsened. He […]

After being shot 17 times, the pregnant dog survived, found a permanent home and became a registered therapy dog. Considering the difficulties she had overcome in order to live Her story of courage and perseverance begins in Lebanon. Maggie was found tied to a box. […]

when he saw the savior With the last of his strength he wagged his tail in thanks. Early in the morning of January 15, ONG Paraíso dos Focinhos received a report about the dog. they were shocked A woman met this poor dog on her way to work. It might be there for a while. Don’t. […]

The distraught dog shed tears after thinking that his minutes counted. But his hero arrives just in time to save him from ending up in a bowl of soup because of the meat market. Like many others in the past, about 10,000 dogs were killed in Asia. Although in the past few years […]

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