poor dog front leg hurts His hind legs were paralyzed, unable to walk, fortunately he survived. Has an extraordinary life force

She has no money. On the other hand, she is rich in love. The two want all the prayers they can get so that they can be reunited. Let’s talk! Prayer is like magic

Our dogs, like our children, are ours for the rest of our lives, higher or worse. They have no control over what will happen to them, namely sickness.

For one dog named Bong, his existence began at its peak. He used to be energetic and happy. He had been so well trained that his landlord allowed him to roam the community in private. (This may be a traditional practice. all over this small village) he was usually given a residence here. He spends most of his time with other dogs in the park. Then one morning Bong suddenly woke up from his slumber. and his legs were paralyzed again.

instead of getting good veterinary care He had been put in a disgusting cardboard box and thrown away. Luckily, the previous woman heard his cries and was rescued here. She had been heartbroken.

She vowed to worry about him day and night. The former woman is referred to as a grandmother through all of her neighbors. How cute is she? She made sure Bong was taken better care of. She cleaned him and covered his back with blankets and a few handmade bandages. because he dragged his legs when he reached the pass She wins to make sure he doesn’t hurt himself.

She does everything for her beloved dog. Regardless of flaws or not, on the other hand, she is wealthy in many strategies. She had so many, as if to provide! When Grandma has to do things around the house, Bong always has to. He loves her very much.

BongBong also has best friends involved throughout the journey. when he found that he was limited in what he could do His best friend’s owner tries to make Bong happy by bringing his best friend home. Once, while they had temporarily met, Bunge had been very excited.

On the other hand, when it’s time to leave Bong tried to agree. It frustrated him that he couldn’t continue. HeHe watched his good friend die. He tried to conform to her. But he could not go on.

It sounded like Bong was staring over and over again. Unfortunately, like all the other dogs walking and running. You can see that he is suffering emotionally. He had to try what his body couldn’t: play as he was used to.

Grandma saw Bong and cried. She saw that he was suffering and said that if he came and followed through a high-ranking family, They are usually ready to buy him medical treatment and he may walk again. It upset her so much that she was too inadequate to properly seek his help.

The volunteers stopped as soon as they heard about Grandma and her situation. They need something for Bong. paying homage to a brand new bed and a few toys. Including sending him unlimited bags of food. Bong was so happy, on the other hand, they gave Grandma and Bong the simplest compliments! They voluntarily let Bong go to the vet! Get away from the value! It’s time for them to see if Bong can use his legs again.

After doing an MRI, Bong was known to have spinal cord disease. That should be a game-changer. Myelitis throughout this scenario has a 70% recovery rate!

When they gave Grandma their thoughts she cries and cries She was very happy that there was the possibility of Bong being aroused even higher. On the other hand, she was also upset that he had to occupy the clinic for a moment. She was going to leave him a lot! It’s time for Bong to speed up the healing process! Therapy begins and Bong is hopeful. Volunteers too! Basically, this will be an uphill battle. Bong and Grandma, on the other hand, have a lot to go through. Let’s go cheer them on! Bong expresses his gratitude for leaving. On the other hand, we are praying for a full recovery, recovery. Can you pray too?

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