Photographer Captures Once-in-a-Lifetime Time-lapse Video of Aurora Borealis

If you have been to Norway You must have the chance to see the beautiful aurora borealis or northern lights twinkling in the sky. It is the dream of many travelers to experience this miraculous phenomenon.

Aurora Borellis

However, those who had the opportunity never had the opportunity to view the northern lights from above as if from space. The International Space Station (ISS) has helped people achieve their goals. They captured the phenomenon from space for their followers.

Time-lapses of the phenomenon by the International Space Station (ISS) provide stunning images of the aurora borealis. (Southern Lights near the South Pole) and the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). The Northern Lights are a natural anomaly. Beautiful light can be seen in high latitudes in the sky.

Aurora Borellis

Aurora Borealis, found in northern Norway. Played an important role in their legends and culture for centuries. The dancing lights look amazing from space. Based on this discovery, NASA has successfully discovered that aurora appears when the solar wind disturbs the magnetosphere.

Charged particles in the plasma, magnetosphere and solar wind precipitate in the thermosphere or exosphere. These charged particles usually take the form of electrons and protons. The reason is the Earth’s magnetic field. This is one of the most amazing natural phenomena that has surprised mankind for millions of years.

Aurora Borellis

The ionization of atmospheric components is said to emit light of different colors and complexities. Even the polar auroras pattern depends on the amount of acceleration delivered to the precipitating components.

The International Space Station gives us a different view of the Northern Lights from space. The satellite-taken phenomenon allows people to see the Northern Lights in a way that modern scientific inventions cannot.

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