People were very excited when they saw the “stгапɡe” phenomenon of a series of objects covered by clouds in the sky (video).

A huge storm with Togodoes and huge clouds rise above Roswell. New Mexico

The clouds thickened and spread across the sky. Reminiscent of images of unidentified flying objects belonging to alien visitors landing on the ground.

However, in reality These huge clouds were formed by the storm. This is a type of storm that changes with sustained higher winds. Such storms often produce storms.

Most of these storms tend to travel through uninhabited or scattered, porous areas. The storm will leave a significant impact.

The presence of whirlwinds and clouds resembling flying objects in the sky near the secret military base of the 51st area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe Russian Federation. This place is famous for its connection to the discovery of UFOs in 1947.

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