Paralyzed dog abandoned in front of tire repair shop (video)

in February Employees of tire repair shops in the northern districts of Porto Velho, Lindomar and Ozimar Queiroz were shocked to arrive at work early. at the destination They saw a dog on the side of the road. The animal is thin and has open paws. They tried to take care of the dog but couldn’t find an owner, and Galego decided to adopt him until they found him a forever home. Twenty days later, the dog still hadn’t found a home.

The Queiroz brothers immediately took the dogs to their shop. which they feed and care for. The owner of the dog deliberately left it in front of the establishment. The dog’s two front legs were turned backwards, which prevented him from walking properly.

The seal is named for its pose on board. which makes it unable to move Sometimes the mechanic would move him around. But in the end, he has to go down in the mud to chase after stray cats.

The dog’s owner, Lindomar Queiroz, said the dog needed veterinary care. It’s a pity he can’t afford it. This dog weighed less than when he was caught. and because it has already gained weight Despite his appearance But Lindomar ignored his dirty state.

The dog’s abandonment caused a stir on social media. And he was adopted by a couple from Foca Porto Velho. An employee of a tire workshop where the pit bull was found on the road took care of him for three weeks. They gave him food and water. At first they called him ,,Foca” but then Michele took him home and changed his name.

instant crush

,,I was deeply touched by his unhappy situation. I fell in love with him.” The business student explained, ,,I love him, I can’t describe it in words. I admire him from the bottom of my heart.”

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