One of the sharpest videos of UFO sightings in California. Was taken by this man (video)

Most UFO images are blurry and рooг quality, making it impossible to evaluate the UFO in photos or videos. This time, one of the clearest videos ever seen has surfaced on the web. Is this UFO proof?

One man filmed this flying object for almost 45 minutes. The video in question was given to MUFON in 2014, and a man turns into his driveway in San Diego, California. It took him about 45 minutes to film. do this

As he approached the alley The man then noticed a ball Ьгіɩɩіапt һапɡіпɡ above a neighbor’s house. According to MUFON, it is also stated that the sunset is reflected from this dazzling orb. which drew his attention to it.

The man did not enter his house to inspect the item. which was about a mile from his home to take pictures and movies He set up a tripod with the camera. For nearly 20 minutes, he continued to do this. The items we use seem to travel through the trees and come back to the front. The object appears to be floating in the sky. But slowly moving to the southwest. Then it got dark outside. and the object disappears Is this the most believable UFO?

Watch the video below and tell us what you believe this mysterious object is.


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