office worker in shanghai Take a clip of an incredible UFO crashing through a tall building (video)

A group of office workers in a high-rise building in Shanghai, China, recorded a video that looked like a UFO flew over a nearby skyscraper in broad daylight. The image shows a shiny oval object moving rapidly through the sky. It seemed unaffected by the surrounding wind and clouds.

The video was filmed outside a worker’s office window, and then ⱱігаɩ on a medical platform. Many viewers are left behind by the stagапɡe object, which some believe may be extraterrestrial life.

Experts in UFO research commented on the video. They labeled it one of the most interesting videos they’ve seen in recent years. While skeptics suggest the object could be a drone or a weather balloon. But those who studied the footage closely found that the object exhibited behavior and movement inconsistent with man-made aircraft.

The іпсіdept have shown extensive interest and discussion. Many have speculated about the possible origins and motives of the mysterious object. Some have suggested that it could be a sign of an extraterrestrial contact or visit.

The office worker who took the video remains anonymous. But reports suggest they are still uncertain about the experience. They have expressed a desire to share their footage with scientific researchers in hopes of revealing more information about the stok phenomenon they have seen.

As the world continues to grapple with the ongoing mysteries of UFOs and their impact on humanity. This latest sighting in Shanghai is sure to add even more fire and horror.

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