OCR Full Form – What is OCR Handwriting Recognition?

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OCR Full Form – What is OCR Handwriting Recognition?

Friends, do you know that OCR Full Form – OCR (optical character recognition) Handwriting Recognition ? How our computer recognizes handwritten letters.and converts them into editable format so that we do not have to type that document.


Today we will tell you about this, how it identifies the letters.
When we see any document, it very easily takes a letter and knows what is written in it. But have you ever wondered how a computer reads hand written letters and converts them into editable letters.

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What is Handwriting Recognition ? ya OCR FULL FORM?

OCR Full Form is- optical character recognition It can be converted into a handwritten or pdf file or printed document in an editable text format by the OCR software.

Through this, when you write anything on the screen of your mobile, it recognizes the text written very comfortably. It has been used for a long time but initially it was not so much developed, so if you write something on your mobile and write it, it was something else. But the OCR software has been developed more slowly so that it now recognizes even the crooked words you have written.

In today’s time, this Handwriting Recognition is so improvised that if you write even a few zigzag on the screen of your mobile, then it easily understands it and recognizes it and writes that letter.

How To Work OCR Handwriting Recognition ?

The concept of OCR used earlier, it had a particular design for all the letters, and identified them by writing those letters in the same design.
We all know that computers do not know the language of the people, it is known only to the languages ​​of 0 and 1. And if we scan any written text or scan an image, that computer does not know whether it is text or image.

But if the letters were written in a pattern, then they used to recognize those patterns only, and after that the OCR software was developed and developed a little. So that he can also understand the commonly used font.
But if a person writes a document manually, then he can write it in any way. Then the OCR software was created in such a way that it could break any letter into several pieces and identify it.


After this, it was inserted in this by Artificial Intelligence or by smart learning that after which letter in English word which letter is most commonly used according to grammar. So that OCR software can recognize handwriting.
If there is even a little mistake, then fix it and improve it further with the help of artificial intelligence.

OCR Handwriting Recognition

The first OCR started at a very small level, but in today’s time it has expanded considerably. If you have a lot of documents that you have to arrange, then just pick them up and start scanning. The computer will understand it and convert it to text format. Then if you want to shortcode it or edit them.
OCR is also used in exams, in which an answer is given cold and there are blocks in which you have to fill your answer using black ink.


But in today’s time it has been very much commanded, whatever document you want to scan, then edit or print it, or copy paste it into another file. It depends on you
But this OCR or Handwriting Recognition is just like your examiner. Just like if you used to write a lot of zigzag in the exam, the number was not available. In the same way, if you write too many crooked letters, it will not recognize them.


OCR software

If we talk about google translate, then through it you capture any image from the camera, then it overlaps the image in real time and shows it by translating it.
Free OCR software – GOCR, SimpleOCR, TopOCR, FreeOCR etc.
Free Devanagari OCR Software– tesseract


It is a software only. And it has a limit, beyond which it cannot go. It is not a human being to guess what you have tried to write in the word zigzag.

Handwriting of all the people is different and sometimes. we do not even recognize our own writing but how can we recognize the writing of the logo and convert it into editable text by computer OCR or Handwriting Recognition OCR Full Form- Handwriting Recognition? All of you must have understood well. If you have any complaint or any suggestion for us, then you must make it known through the comment box. If you liked this post, then you must share it with your friends on social media facebook and twitter.

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