mysterious monster “Half human, half animal” caused panic among the villagers.

A mysterious creature of unknown origin appeared on the streets at night. terrified the Argentinian villagers.

Mysterious creatures appear in the village of Santa Fe.

According to the Daily Star, this monster attacked two dogs in the village of Santa Fe. Argentina

Locals say that the German Shepherd and Pit Bull died shortly thereafter. and the monster disappeared.

It is said that the inhabitants captured this mysterious creature. The footage was then shared via video on YouTube. The video quickly garnered tens of thousands of views.

Many people who watched the video were terrified and speculated about what they saw. One viewer commented: “So scary.”

Another said: “It was a half-dog half-human creature. Look at its teeth.”

The third says: “This is a werewolf. They can stand on their hind legs, more than 2 meters tall.”

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