Must Have Mobile Blogging apps for android 2021

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Must Have Mobile Blogging apps for android 2021

Must Have Mobile Blogging Apps for Android 2021: Today we will talk in our post, Must Have Apps for Bloggers which should be in their Android phone.
These Mobile Blogging apps are very helpful and will increase your Blogging Experience to a great extent.
The apps that I will tell you today are all the best apps for Bloggers. Which every bloggers must use.

If you write a post on Blogger or WordPress, then the best app for Blogging is their official apps. Install and install the official app of the platform you are working on (Blogger or WordPress).

Here we have selected the top 10 Blogging apps for Android only. If you use any other app then definitely let us know. So that we can reach it to other people also. Which will help everyone.

Mobile Blogging apps
Mobile Blogging apps

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If you blogging on laptop or PC, then you will not need these apps. You can use them only by visiting their websites.
But people blogging from mobile or they mostly write posts on mobile, these are ‘Must have Mobile Blogging apps‘ for them.

Top 10 Must Have Mobile Blogging apps for Bloggers 2021


In this list, we have placed Official Apps at the top.

    • WordPress
    • Blogger
    • Write
    • Grammarly Keyboard
    • Google keep
    • Sinium
    • Photo editor
    • Notepad ++
    • Google Analytics
    • Adsense


Now we will know about these top 10 Must have Mobile Blogging apps from one side.

1. WordPress

This is the official App of WordPress, if you have a WordPress Blog then this app must be in your Android phone. Click here to download this app

2. Blogger

This is for those people who do not have a WordPress blog, their blog is on Google Blogger. With the help of this app, you can post to your blog. You cannot make blog design or any other changes with the help of this. Click here to download it

3. Writer

This app is for all bloggers. Whether they are blogging on WordPress or on Google Blogger.
With the help of this app you can write an SEO Friendly Blog where you can write a good article by giving proper headings. Click Here to download the Writer app

4. Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly Keyboard

This is only for those bloggers who blog in English. This keyboard will help you in not doing Spelling and Grammatical Mistakes. This must have app in English Bloggers Smartphone. Click here to install

5. Google Keep

This is a very useful app because you can write and save anything in it.
When you do a Keyword Research or a Topic comes to your mind to write an article, then by using it you can save those keywords or Article’s Topic and later write a good Seo Friendly Article on it.

Click here to download this software

6. Sinium SEO

Sinium SEO


With the help of this app you can check the On-Page and Off-Page SEO of your Blog / Website. With the help of this you can find Broken links on your website and remove it by going to your website editor.

This is a complete SEO App that you should use. After using it, your ranking will improve a lot. Click here to install

7. Photo Editor

Photo Editor

You can use this app to edit Thumbnails for Blog or to edit your photos. This is the Best Photo Editor App. By using it regularly, you will understand its quality. Click here to download this photo editor.

8. Notepad ++

This app is for those who do Programming. But it can also prove to be helpful for Bloggers as Tech Bloggers keep posting related to Coding in their blog.
This app is a great app for writing those codes. Click here to download

9. Google Analytics

To see the activity happening on your website or blog per day, you must install and keep this app.

With the help of which you will come to know that where traffic is coming from your blog and whether your viewers like your content or not. How much traffic is your Bounce rate? You can see everything from where it came. Click here to install it

10. Adsense

If your Adsense is approved and you have placed Adsense Ads in your blog, then it becomes very important for you to keep this app because your blog’s CTR increases due to invalid activity on your blog, due to which your Adsense is also disabled. It is possible.

So this app is very useful and you must use it. The Adsense app has now been removed from the Playstore. If you want to use Adsense App, you can ask your friend or you can download from other Apk Download websites.


By using these “Mobile Blogging apps” that we have told you today, you can make SEO, Rank, User engagement etc .. of your blog even better.

In this post of Must Have Mobile Blogging apps for android 2020, if you people also use any other apps which help in blogging, then let us know by Comment Box.
We will definitely include those apps in our list. Thanks!

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