Millions of yellow mystical creatures that lived anxiously suddenly appeared filling the river. What bad omen is this? – Video –

Mysterious yellow creatures: what are they?

Recently, villagers have reported the sudden appearance of millions of yellow creatures in the river. These creatures resemble jelly. It has a spherical shape and is translucent. Their size varies from a few millimeters to a few centimeters. And they don’t seem to have any discernible propulsion. This led to confusion and concern among residents who were unsure of the nature of these creatures.

Experts identify these creatures as These are freshwater sponges commonly found in rivers and streams. They feed on bacteria and other microscopic organisms. contained in the water which they filter through pores Although their nature is harmless. But the sudden appearance of millions of these creatures is an unusual event. which causes concern to the residents

Possible Causes of Yellow Sponge Infestation

The presence of millions of yellow sponges in rivers is undoubtedly a rare phenomenon. And experts are still unsure of the exact cause. However, there are several possible explanations for this.

One theory is that sponges respond to changes in the chemical composition of water. Changes in pH levels, nutrient levels And the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water can trigger sudden growth of these organisms. In addition, changes in water temperature can lead to an increase in the number of these sponges.

Another theory is that sponges respond to changes in river flow rates. A sudden drop in flow rate can lead to the accumulation of nutrients and other organic matter in the water, creating an ideal environment for the growth of these organisms.

Possible dangers of lymphatic sponge epidemics

Although yellow sponges are generally harmless, they can be dangerous. But their sudden appearance in such large numbers can have a detrimental effect on river ecosystems. as they eat bacteria and other microscopic organisms Sponges can disrupt natural food chains in rivers. decreasing the number of fish and other aquatic animals

In addition, the presence of these sponges can lead to the accumulation of organic matter in rivers. This can lead to the growth of harmful bacteria and other pathogens. This can be especially dangerous for residents who use the river for recreational activities such as swimming or fishing.


In summary, the sudden appearance of millions of yellow sponges in the river was an unusual thing that caused concern to the villagers. Although experts are still uncertain of the exact cause of the outbreak. But changes in water chemistry and flow rates are also probable factors. Although these sponges are generally harmless. But increasing sponge populations can have a negative impact on river ecosystems and pose risks to human health.

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