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How to Make Money with Email Marketing|Email Marketing Guide


What is Email Marketing? if you also want to do email marketing?. to promote your business or website then don’t worry. in this post I will tell you how to do email marketing. where to get emails to promote business and the benefits of email marketing. For more information on email marketing, read this post.


What is Email Marketing? Complete information 2020

Promoting your business or website or any product with the help of email is called email marketing. In the email, they also give you a link by clicking on which you can visit their website.


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How to do email marketing?


Email marketing is done in different ways. You have often seen on the blog that there is a newsletter form in which anyone can enter their email and subscribe to that website.


Similarly, if you also subscribe to a website via email, then whenever the owner of the website publishes a new post, you will receive a notification through mail and you can visit their website through direct email.


In the same way you can increase the traffic of your website by adding subscription plugin to your site. Also if you do affiliate marketing or want to promote your other business through email marketing then you will need some emails on which You can send your products


Many people also sell a list of emails. You can buy emails from someone or get some free emails. One of the tricks is how to extract emails. I will tell you in this post.


What are the Benefits of Email Marketing?


The biggest advantage of email marketing is that you can promote your business absolutely free without spending money, you can increase the number of returning visitors to your blog by putting a news form on the blog which improves your search rank and You can promote your blog posts through This which increases your traffic a lot, in addition to this you can also earn a lot of money by doing affiliate marketing if you want.


How to Extract Email


First there is an extension of chrome browser Email Extractor you install it in browser now search in google by typing gmail with keyword or with a name like pakurdutube@gmail.com then whatever email will be shown in search result Will be stored in your chrome. You have to copy from there and save in notepad. After that, if the result of this name is finished, then you have to search with another name.


Similarly, if you work one hour, you can get a lot of emails, in addition, if you want to extract thousands of emails in a short time, there is a paid tool that allows you to get thousands on targeted keywords in just five minutes. email. But you will have to spend some money to purchase this tool.


How to send Mail on multiple Emails at once?


You can send up to 500 emails daily on gmail but if you want to send more than this you can use more than one gmail account to send the same message to 500 emails simultaneously open gmail first, compose Go to message, type subject and message, now enter your email next to “To” from which you are sending message, then click on Bcc and enter all the emails to which you want to send mail, Now send.


I hope you now know about this,if you have any question related to what is email marketing, please comment, I will try to give you a quick answer.

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