Locals spent days searching for it. But in the end they found a 15-meter long python contributing to the disappearance of children and cattle.

Ahmad immediately looked for the head and tail of the python.

Working with snakes, Amad took out a machete and cut off the reptile’s head.

“I can’t pull a snake into a dry swamp. It looks like the snake just ate it. Therefore, it is difficult to pull because of its weight. Finally, I pulled out a machete and slashed its head,” said Ahmad.

After the python was pulled to the surface, Amad continued to hunt the female python, which had previously hatched.

The fate of women is the same as that of men killed by Ahmad’s machetes.

Ahmad immediately grabbed the two snakes and skinned them around.

“After stretching It turned out that the snake was 15 meters long. I can’t even imagine what it would be like if the snake writhed while it was alive,” said Ahmad.

Since the male looked like it had eaten, Amad wondered what the python had eaten.

The weight of the snake prevented Amad from doing so. The male python moved.

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