Lionel Messi’s dog is cheered by joyful Argentine fans amid World Cup celebrations.

The party in Argentina shows no signs of slowing down. Even Lionel Messi’s dog was lobbied by the fans.

A group of cheering fans in Argentine shirts can be seen walking up to the World Cup winner, a dog chanting “Es el perro de Messi” – meaning ‘Messi’s dog’.

Lionel Messi alongside his dog Hulk he bought in 2016.

Fans will then be seen dancing in front of a large Dogue de Bordeaux dog named Hulk approaching them.

Then they gathered around Hulk gives him a beat before continuing to sing and dance. Celebrating Argentina’s World Cup victory over France on Sunday.

Messi bought the Hulk in 2016 and immediately showed off the new addition to the family by posting a photo of the pair on Instagram.

The Paris Saint-Germain stars arrived in Argentina on Tuesday morning following their heroic run in Qatar. and was welcomed by the fans Many in the capital Buenos Aires

It was Argentina’s first World Cup success. since Diego Maradona lifted the famous trophy in 1986

Sunday’s victory also reopened the debate over whether Messi’s exploits make him the greatest player of all time.

The fans sang and danced as they saw Messi's dog approaching them.

Messi's dog Hulk appears in the shock with his consciousness.

The fans then took a look at Hulk and even sang him a song!

Messi revealed shortly after Sunday’s final that he was not going to retire from international football. Despite admitting that victory over France would be his last at the World Cup.

The 35-year-old is not expected to play for PSG until mid-January. as he prepares for the Champions League again

Messi has won four competitions and is one victory behind Cristiano Ronaldo’s medal five times.

Messi and teammates celebrate World Cup success with fans  in Buenos Aires

He was also within touching distance of the Portuguese star’s top scorer record in the competition.

Mesis currently has 11 Champions League goals behind Ronaldo, who looks set to kiss the Champions League goodbye with an imminent move to Saudi Arabia.

With the new deal at PSG ongoing. Messi has some unfinished work before he finally heads out to watch the sunset.

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