It’s unbelievable that snakes fly from the sky. Like the scientific community (video)

over the centuries Many stories about celestial snakes have been told all over the world. Thousands of snakes fell from the sky. causing the stokepa and skago effects

One of the most high-profile cases occurred in the Brazilian city of Santo Antonio de Platina in 2017. During a rainy day, thousands of snakes suddenly flew from the sky. Astonishing and astonishing to the people, locals, experts explain that it may be because the animals on land are flooded in herds. and disappeared with the wind

A similar incident occurred in Memphis, Tennessee, in 2016 when a swarm of snakes flew down from the sky. Experts suggest that this may be caused by a large obstruction creating an area of ​​lower air. The snake was carried away by the wind and fell to the ground.

While this is a гагe and fгіɡһte піпɡ phenomenon, experts argue that this shouldn’t make us feel undue. The snake that flew down from the sky was not poisonous and could not approach humans. It is important that we remain vigilant and cautious during bad weather. especially during the rainy season

However, the phenomenon of a serpent slithering from the sky is still a story worth pondering about nature’s suddenness and unpredictability. We cannot completely control everything that happens in life. Proper preparation and response in predictable situations will help us overcome difficulties and potential problems.

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