Island View RTC Tuition, Controversy, Actions, and Current Situation

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Island View RTC Tuition

About Elevations RTC

Elevations RTC is a residential treatment center in Syracuse, Utah, a suburb of Ogden. For teenagers aged 13-18 years

The facility was formerly known as Island View Residential Treatment Center until it was acquired by Syracuse RTC, LLC, doing business as Elevations RTC, in 2014. Elevations RTC currently shares its campus with Seven Stars and ViewPoint Assessment Center.

Elevations RTC is one of the leading residential treatment centers providing guidance, support, and relief to college students of all genders.

We help teens ages 13-18 overcome the challenges posed by mental health issues. emotional disorders learning disorders substance use and other background problems

From depression to anxiety to defiance to bullying, Elevations RTC is one of the most respected residential treatment centers in America.

Elevations RTC is specifically focused on providing a real-world living environment that is inclusive of all ages. Through a combination of intensive psychiatric treatment and personal care

We offer specialized clinical groups to address specific issues. Accredited academics to ensure your teen can graduate on time and experiential education opportunities to build confidence and resiliency.

All of this takes place in the environment of a comprehensive medical residential treatment center. It is designed to help struggling or troubled teens gain the skills and proactive mindset they need to regain self-confidence, happiness, and reconnect with life.

Elevations RTC is a standardized high school in a supervised residential treatment center environment.

With teachers teaching concepts directly rather than having students learn through packets or assignments, Elevations RTC also offers a gender-neutral environment.

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Elevations RTC teaches students practical study skills. This allows them to succeed in their studies long after they leave this environment.

They teach critical thinking, organization, note-taking, goal setting and progress tracking. Be aware of priorities Making the most of your time Finding Confidence and seeing success

Their teaching staff helps children learn, but also gives them the tools to succeed in high school, college and beyond.

Syracuse campus opening

The Syracuse campus first opened in 1994 as Island View Residential Treatment Center. Its founders were Lorin Broadbent, DSW, Jared Balmer, PhD, and W. Kimball DeLaMare, LCSW.

They banded together to create their own residential treatment center after leaving a treatment program. Other “tough love” fails

In 2004, Aspen Education Group acquired Island View. CRC Health Group, a company owned by Bain Capital, purchased Aspen Education for $300 million in 2006. Aspen and CRC Health Group are owned and operated by Syracuse campus until 2014

Name changed to Elevations RTC

In April 2014, Syracuse RTC, LLC acquired Island View and changed its name to Elevations RTC.

Elevations is a continuation of Island View. At Elevations, student dress code, application, policies and procedures. And solitary confinement procedures are largely the same as at Island View. Many Elevations employees also work at Island View.

This includes Elevations Executive Director Judi Jacques, MEd, Clinical Director Jennifer Wilde, LCSW, Medical Director Dr. Michael Connolly, Director of Admissions Laura Burt, Program Director Eric Flores, and Dean of Students Jen Capellen

Elevations is a residential treatment center that works with students of all ages. Today’s facilities serve a large population of transgender and gender nonconforming youth.

Tuition at Elevations costs approximately $16,000 per month or $192,000 per year. According to Elevations, the average length of stay is eight to ten months. Although students tend to stay there much longer.

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Allegations of abuse and misconduct

Island View RTC Tuition

Numerous former residents of Elevations and Island View allege they suffered physical, sexual or psychological abuse at the Syracuse facilities.

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They described the employees for torturing and abusing them. and leave the project with more psychological distress (PTSD) than they experienced.

A September 2020 incident at Elevations in which a student lost consciousness after being hit in the head while being restrained. This led to an investigation by the Utah Department of Human Services Licensing Office. The case is still open.

In 2018, a former resident filed a lawsuit against Elevations RTC, alleging that an employee threw her on the floor.

The girl alleged that as a result, she suffered brain and nerve injuries. As a result, her eyes were permanently disfigured and her vision impaired.

Despite headaches, nausea, vomiting and double vision. But the former resident accused Elevations of failing to provide medical assistance for six days. Elevation settled the case in September 2019 and the court dismissed the case with prejudice.

Facility inspection reports from 2015 to 2019 showed 35 violations, including insufficient documentation regarding isolation methods and repeated references for missing documents related to employee training. and mildew or mold in the bathroom.

Altitude has also been accused of practicing conversion therapy, transgender activist Lillian Lennon told Mashable while in a residential treatment center. She was sent between the men’s dormitory and an isolation room.

She said officials refused to address her by her pronouns. and dismissing her gender identity as “An excuse to be promiscuous.”

What other damage have they caused?

In 2014, the Utah Department of Human Services detailed student claims that staff at Elevations mistreated them. This includes restraining them too often when inappropriate and belittling them.

Around the time the facility was renamed Elevations RTC, Island View was at the center of two highly publicized lawsuits in 2014, one of which was against Dr. Phil, accusing this center “Maintaining a prison-like environment with physical and mental torture of students” who were later expelled

Several former residents of the center claimed in 2012 that they received inadequate medical care during their time there. And they were kept in solitary confinement. Including other serious physical and mental treatments.

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In 2007, the disappearance of a 15-year-old made headlines after she briefly tried to escape the facility. After her parents returned her to Island View, the girl said she was punished for her escape by being held captive for 58 days.

In 2004, a 16-year-old boy hung himself in a bathroom at Island View. Officials were unable to revive him. Island View was cited for providing the child with inadequate medical care. put on probation and need to submit a corrective action plan

In 2002, a former resident filed a $135 million lawsuit against her father in part for having her receive treatment at Island View, where she said she was injured.

Many former residents also report that sedatives were administered at Island View to quell disobedience.

The local Syracuse Police Department responded to 219 emergency calls at the location between January 2005 and October 2020. Many of the calls involved harassment. sexual offenses or attempted suicide

Break the code of silence

Island View RTC Tuition

Former Island View RTC and Elevations residents, including Island View alumna actor Misha Osherovich, attended a rally at Paris Hilton to protest allegations of abuse at Provo Canyon School and its program for at-risk youth. and speak out about the abuse they claim has occurred.

Jordan Killpack, Elevation’s clinical director, is a former Provo Canyon School therapist. “Freaky” star Osherovich described in Them about their experience at Island View. Osherovich likens what the facility does to conversion therapy. admire

Osherovich tweeted his support for the Breaking Code Silence movement.

The American Bar Association hosted a panel discussion with Osherovich, Hilton, Senator Sara Gelser and the mother of a former Island View RTC resident that examined youth sent to the center. “Behavior modification” is like prison under the guise of therapy and conversion therapy.

Other alumni Came out to allege abuse as part of the Breaking Code Silence movement.

Former students described being locked in a seclusion room, deprived of sleep, and treated with physical abuse. and being put on psychotropic drugs, among other things, they officially closed their doors on April 25, 2014.

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