Investigate Butterfly’s UFO Sightings Above Florida’s Mysterious Swamps (Video)

Google Street View is a technological marvel that makes it virtual to visit almost anywhere on Earth (and beyond). but it has something

Case in point: You may have seen the chilling story about a mysterious UFO floating over Florida swamps. “In broad daylight… Outside the Bermuda Triangle” Outside the Bermuda Triangle, guys!

But in a few seconds How is this unidentified flying object?

I mean, sometimes humans do things. In the sky above our heads which is difficult to fathom or compromise

Sometimes people get lost in Google’s data glitches, leading to a UFO conspiracy for things that already have a reasonable explanation.

Which brings us back to the mysterious UFO floating above the swampy lawns of Ochopee, Florida.

Here’s what it looks like up close:

(Google Street View)

“An eagle-eyed Google Maps user has reported sightings of a UFO in the sky over a swamp in Florida,” The Sun informs us.

“Even when zoomed in It is still difficult to determine what the object is.”

But what is it? While stгапɡe shapes can be difficult to recognize at first, the sun later pointed to the end of their article. There’s also the obvious possibility that Google’s camera is just a “quick-moving butterfly that can live in one.”

Part of the explanation for this is that the UFO is only visible for a certain time – if you move your virtual location to the next camera-captured location. That image will no longer be visible. (which is what you would expect from a butterfly erratic)

“Of course,” Sun admitted. “UFOs may have been stuck for too long. So we may never know.”

oh i think we know

I think we know that this photo – taken in 2011 and therefore hardly the only example of a UFO sighting – is actually a butterfly.

I’m not a moth (It’s a word that sounds familiar. for scientists moths and moths), but looking at their appearance and habitat. This UFO could be a swallowtail. Perhaps this is the case – Papilio palamedes, found in waterholes. The area includes Florida!

for what it’s worth Here’s what they look like up close:

It’s really quite amazing to look at. But it certainly has a terrestrial origin. and although they are clearly flying objects But they’re hardly a sure thing.

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