India’s deadliest snake enters poultry farm How can it help in a very dangerous situation? (Clip)

India is a country with a wide variety of flora and fauna. Including the most venomous snake in the world. Recently, a deadly venomous snake entered a chicken farm in India. This leads to potentially dangerous situations. In this article, we’ll discuss how to help this deadly snake and what precautions to take when dealing with a venomous snake.

The most venomous snake in India:

India is home to many venomous snakes. These include Indian cobras, king cobras and Russell venomous snakes. However, the snake that entered the chicken farm was the krait, considered the most venomous snake in India. This species of snake is known for its deadly venom. This can cause respiratory failure and even death in humans.

Deadly Snake Rescue:

When a venomous snake was found in a chicken farm The owner immediately contacted the snake catching team to manage the situation. The snake catcher arrives at the farm with special equipment. Including snake catcher and protective equipment They carefully position the snake and approach it slowly, avoiding any sudden movements that might provoke the snake.

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When the snake is safely caught It is then transported to nearby forest areas and released back into the wild. Snake catchers stress the importance of not killing venomous snakes and instead contact trained professionals to manage the situation.

Precautions when dealing with venomous snakes:

An encounter with a venomous snake can be dangerous and even deadly. It is important to exercise caution when dealing with these creatures to avoid unnecessary risks. Some precautions to take when dealing with venomous snakes include:

  1. Avoid provoking the snake with sudden movements or loud noises.
  2. Always wear protective gear such as gloves and boots when handling snakes.
  3. Contact trained professionals, such as snake catchers, to handle the situation.
  4. Do not attempt to catch or kill a venomous snake yourself.


In summary, the recent entry of deadly snakes into chicken farms in India underscores the importance of taking precautions when dealing with venomous snakes. The krait is considered to be the most venomous snake in India. And an encounter with these snakes can be deadly. It is essential to contact trained professionals to deal with these situations and take precautions to avoid unnecessary risks.

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