How to INCREASE RANK of WEBSITE complete information 2021

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Friends, our topic today is related to ‘How to Increase Rank of Website’. If you have a website, a question will come to your mind repeatedly that how to increase the rank of the website and you also try to increase the rank of the website by using some tips and tricks. But still you are not completely successful in increasing the rank of the website. Today we are going to share some important trick with you. By using which you can easily increase the rank of your website.


Why is it important to increase the rank of the website

Yes friends, if we want to increase the rank of the website, then there must be some reason behind it. If you do not know that reason, then we are also sharing all those reasons with you. The rank of the website is increased for this so that our website can get priority at the top in the search engine. Receive as much Organic Traffic as possible. Website can be popular and website can earn good income

If you want that your website also becomes popular, then you have to follow all our tips. If you follow all these tips regularly, then no one can stop your website from coming to the top in search engine, becoming popular and generating good income.

How to Increase (Top Tips)

1. Quality Content
If you want to succeed in Blogging within a few months, then it is very important to write Quality Content (Post). Because without quality content no blogger should be a success. The main reason for this is that both search engine and visitor like quality content. If you write Quality Content then you will get top rank in Search Engine. Because Quality is a Fast Index in the Post Search Engine and shows at the top. And if your post is at the top in Search Engine, then you will also get good Organic Traffic.

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How to write quality post

Use always unique title for Post

Must use Heading, Subheading, Minor Heading in Post.


· Add a link to the second post in the middle of the post.Use the same keyword related to the post in the post.

Before publishing the post, check the post once more and fix the spelling Mistake of English word if it is there.

Use Image in Post

Use Alt Tag in the image of the post.

Post’s image should be copyright free.

Permalink must also check before publishing the post.

· Write the summary of the post in the last post of the post.

2. Regular Post
If you want to make your blog famous and also want good ranking and popularity, then you should definitely write 1 or 2 posts on par day. If you update your blog or website daily, then your post will also increase and at the same time your post will be indexed quickly in google and daily organic traffic will also be received on the blog or website.

3. Share the post on social media
If you share on social media after writing the post, then you will definitely know its benefits. But if you do not share the post on social media, then you should post your post on Facebook today. Twitter. Sharing should start on Google+ Etc site. Because by sharing the post on social media site, your post becomes viral quickly, as well as you receive high quality backlink. And your site’s rank also increase.

4. Make a related video from Post
If you make a video related to the post and share that video on youtube and website, then it will be of great benefit to you. Because the video will make your post easier to understand and your blog will also be promoted from YouTube.


5. Comment on Popular Blog
To increase the rank of the website, you must make a comment on the popular blog. Because you have many advantages by commenting on the popular blog. By commenting on the popular blog, you get backlink as well as referral traffic and the chance of increasing the page rank of your website also increases.

6. Guest Posting
To increase the rank of the website, you must also do a guest post on other popular blogs. By posting a guest on other popular blog, you get many benefits. By doing a guest post, you get a Do-Follow Backlink from other blogs, as well as Referral Traffic is also received and also the advertisement of the website is also done. You must make a guest post on your website related sites (blog).


7. Daily Check Website Review and Analysis
You should do a daily review of your website. Check all the analysis related to Traffic, Error of your website. You follow all the messages on Google Search Console and Analytics and also divert Broken Link, Error 404 page etc. to the main page.


Friends, if you use all these steps, then the rank of your website will definitely increase.

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