In Akhand Naga, a nest of a king cobra was discovered in the water basin of a house (video)

In a surprising area in Akhandnagar, 10 snakes were found in a single house, causing fear among the residents of the area. The situation is under control by a team of expert snake rescuers who are called upon to deal with the situation.

The incident took place in a house in Akhandnagar where 10 snakes lived among its inhabitants. When notified, authorities immediately dispatched a snake rescue team to the facility.

Snake rescuers arrive on the scene with all the necessary tools and expertise to safely capture and remove the snake from the premises. This process was carried out with extreme care and caution. To ensure the safety of both the snake and the people there.

While the rescue team does their work Large groups of curious spectators gathered around the house to watch the surgery. Many people are surprised to see so many snakes in one place and show admiration for the bravery of the rescuers.

The situation was finally under control after successfully removing all 10 snakes from the house. These snakes were released back into their natural habitat. far from residential area

This advice serves as a гemіпdeг of the importance of being vigilant and vigilant when dealing with snakes. It is a good idea to call upon the services of an expert snake helper when faced with such a situation. to ensure the safety of all involved

All in all, the presence of 10 snakes in a single house in Akhandnagar created a buzz amongst the residents of the area. However, the situation was carefully and expertly handled by the snake rescue team. which succeeded in removing all the snakes from the premises. It is essential to be cautious and seek professional help when dealing with such situations. to ensure the safety of all involved

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