In 2017, eагtһ allegedly visited by аɩіeп technology, according to a Harvard professor.

Man has always wondered if he had visited at least once in history. But a Harvard professor said that humans had already been visited by extraterrestrial objects in late 2017.

Theoretical physicist Avi Loeb has presented his theory about a strangely shaped object that has recently debuted in our solar system. He discusses his assumptions about this unknown object in a book called

The interstellar object “Oumuamua” was first seen in 2017 at Hawaii’s Haleakala Observatory with the Pan-STARRS telescope. Researchers discovered that the object came from the direction of Vega, one of the stars in the constellation Lyra. 25 light years to reach eагtһ and pass the ecliptic plane on September 6th.

Oumuamua, or “scout” in Hawaiian, sped up three days after researchers first spotted it. By Oct. 7, it had finally passed swiftly and moved toward the constellation Pegasus and the darkness beyond. quickly

Loeb, team leader at Harvard University’s Astronomy Department, said the idea that Oumuamua was the first interstellar object discovered in our solar system “wasn’t a big deal.” He denied that the object was another comet. Since the concept is a bit too “familiar,” in a New York Post interview, the head of the department was asked what he thought would happen when a caveman saw a phone. He said that since there were stones surrounding the caveman He must have thought that the phone was another shiny stone.

Loeb said there are two facts to support that Oumuamua is an advanced extraterrestrial technology rather than a comet. One, the object measures five to ten times its width. This cigar-like shape is highly unnatural for an object in space. Second, the object’s motion is portrayed. He claims that Oumuamua is too far from the Sun.

Second fact The Sun’s gravitational pull would cause Oumuamua to travel faster as it approaches and slower as it throws away from it. However, this does not happen with the object. But it’s still a pretty large number statistically.

What are we? Have aliens сіⱱіɩіzаtіop passed our planet in 2017? What if it left something for us when it did?

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