I thought it was a giant eel crawling on the road! Suddenly, terrified fishermen run away when they discover their true form… – thepressagge.com

Fishermen in the surrounding villages The Kapois River in Indonesia is shocked when they mistake a strange python for a giant eel crawling down its streets. This snake, about 23 feet long, was found by a fisherman returning home after a long day of fishing.

The incident happened near the banks of the Kapuas River, Indonesia’s longest river. which is known for its unique biodiversity and aquatic species while the fishermen were returning home Suddenly they noticed what they thought were giant eels swimming up the road. They knew it was a large boa constrictor coming out of the river and landing on land.

The sight of the python frightened the fishermen and fled in fear. Local officials were notified. And they arrived at the scene to catch the python safely. The reptiles were then released back into the river. far from human settlements

This event was a reminder of the diverse and unique wildlife that can be found in the waters and surrounding areas of the Kapuas River. The Kapuas River is home to a wide variety of aquatic animals, including fish, turtles and crocodiles, as well as numerous bird species.

Indonesia is known for its biodiversity, and the Kapuas River is just one example of the unique and diverse wildlife that can be found in the country. There is a growing need to protect the natural habitat of these animals to ensure their survival.

In summary, sightings of this unusual python near the Kapoes River are a reminder of the rich and unique biodiversity of Indonesia. It is important to protect these habitats from human encroachment and development to ensure the survival of these interesting species. As visitors and residents of these regions It is our responsibility to respect and conserve their natural habitats. so that they can continue to grow for future generations

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