Humans Live With Thousands of Bees (Video)

We all know bees and their relationship with humans. We know that they provide honey and help pollinate many plants. Help produce many of the foods we use every day.

However, not all bees are able to control and command bees to such an extent that they are extremely friendly to humans and obey all human commands.

But “the man of a thousand bees” is a special case. he calls himself “King of the bees” and has been controlling bees for over 30 years.

He has the ability to communicate with bees and control them to the point where it can bite completely without being stung.

His control was like that when he met the Queen Bee. He can command a whole swarm of bees. These bees cling to their bodies and obey their commands like bees commanded by the queen bee.

He wasn’t the only one who cultivated this thing. but also a beekeeper. His control of the bee swarm led him to become a celebrity and known as

with community interest He has inspired a lot of people. Especially those who live in his area.

These people have learned how to communicate and control bee colonies. And I hope that one day I will be able to participate in the bee simulation game.


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