How to youtube video ranking top in search? Get Success On Youtube

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How to youtube video ranking top in search? Get Success On Youtube


youtube video ranking
youtube video ranking


Today I will tell you how you can bring your youtube video ranking top in search. You must know that YouTube is the largest search engine after Google with 95+ billion pages viewed every month and 40 hours per minute. Videos are uploaded, we upload videos on YouTube but we can’t find views so today in this post we will talk about how we can get our videos to the top in search, so let’s start friends. .


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How to bring youtube youtube video ranking top in search?

Be sure to change the name of your video before uploading


When you upload a video, be sure to change the name of your video before you give the title of your video to the title you want to put on YouTube, because when our video is ready, it will be .mp4. avi something like this happens and if we upload it like this then the same name of our video is saved in the system of youtube then even if you give the title anything on youtube your video does not come up in search You know, so when your video is ready, first change its name and put the title you want in advance.


Clickable thumbnail

You must put a good thumbnail on your video because the better and more beautiful your thumbnail, the more it will attract the viewer, so make the thumbnail so that whoever sees your thumbnail will be forced to watch your video because if If your thumbnail is not good then chances of clicking on it are very low because you must have heard the saying “first impression is last impression” so it is very important for you to pay attention to your thumbnail.


Most new youtubers upload videos but do not write descriptions of their videos. If you have the same habit, then change this habit from today. Be sure to write a good description related to the topic on which your video is and add good keywords in it. Your description plays an important role in ranking your videos. If you want to be successful on youtube, you need to pay attention to it. Tell us about your videos in the descriptions and then what topics you have covered in this video. Tell them and then add your social media link. If you want to see the example, you can go to my channel Pak Urdu Tube.



Be sure to use a subtitle in every one of your videos. If you make a video in Urdu, you must add a subtitle in English so that if someone who knows English comes to your video, he can read your subtitle and understand your video. Should



The most important thing to rank youtube videos is tags. You should search for good tags related to your videos and add them to the tag section of your videos. For this you can use Vidiq & TubBuddy Tool. You can find good and ranking tags for videos and put them in your videos


Social Media

When you upload videos on youtube you get a lot of options to share your videos with the help of which you can share your videos on facebook, twitter etc. You must use these because when you are new on youtube So you can’t get so many views from youtube search but if you share every one of your videos on social media then carrying increases your chances of getting views so you must share every one of your videos on social media

So if you also work or want to work on youtube and want to bring youtube video in search then you have to keep all these things in mind because now it has become very difficult to work on youtube but if you work hard If you want to know more about youtube, keep reading our post regularly and be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel Pak Urdu Tube. If you have any questions, please comment and ask me.

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