How to Share Live Location with Facebook Messenger

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How to Share Live Location with Facebook Messenger

Today’s topic is related to how to share live location from Facebook Messenger, very few people know of the Live Location feature in Facebook Messenger who use facebook.


Today we will learn to use the Live Location feature in this article, friends, if you are on an unknown city, village, etc. and you have to reach your friends, relative but you do not know their location or address, then this situation What will you do in me? In such a situation, you can easily solve this situation by using the live location sharing feature and easily reach your friend, relative’s house. Just like you can share live location from google map, in the same way now you can share live location from facebook too.

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How to share live location

Just a few days ago the facebook messenger app has released live location share feature. Importance of this feature is that by using this feature, the user can share his location continuously for one hour, i.e., with whom you have shared the location, the person can track you for 60 minutes. This is an optional feature. With this feature, you can share your location with as many friends, relative. This feature is very similar to apple map and google map


Share Feature How to Activate

To activate the Live Location feature, you will have to follow our stated step. If you read all the steps thoroughly and follow, then you can also take advantage of live location feature.


1.First open the facebook messenger app. After opening the app, click on the contact you want to share your location.


2. Here you will see more option, which will be like plus sign, click on it.
3. After clicking on More option, the icon of the location plan will appear, you have to click on this icon. As soon as you click on the location plan, facebook messenger will start to access your location. Once the location is accessed, you will be able to share the live location


4. Through the live location feature, your friends will be able to track you for up to 60 minutes. And when you feel that you have to turn off the Live location feature, then you click on the stop sharing option. Your Live Location Sharing will stop as soon as you click

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5. Here on the map you will find the stopwatch option. With this, you will know how long you can share the location.


6. In this way you will be able to share your live location with your friends, Relative. And the benefit of this will be that you will get your friend, relative at easily correct location. With which you will not have to wander to unknown place and you will easily reach the home of your friend’s relative Etc

If you have received advance knowledge related to FB by reading the post How to Share Live Location with Facebook Messenger, then share this article with your friends, if you are having difficulty in activating the Live Location Feature, then tell it in the comment. You will definitely be helped.

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